Voices from Past EARC

EARC 2011 was one of the most eye-opening experience for me ~ Isaiah Saw (Malaysia)

Some significant sessions that stayed with me were particular talks that addressed topics of global issues and nation-building… My most treasured experience of EARC is the opportunity to build new and lasting friendships across different parts of the world ~ Alexander Samuel (Malaysia)

EARC was a new and beautiful experience for me. Throughout EARC, what touched me was the unity between every student from every corner of East Asia at EARC ~ Donna Tunong (Malaysia)

At EARC (2008) God had taken me away from a bad environment and put me where I could just focus on God and his word. Through EARC God told me to come back to him. After that I knew I wanted to serve through KGK. Through KGK God gave me lots of opportunities to overcome my shyness and be bolder in expressing my opinion and thoughts with the wider team. ~ Koji Nakashima (Japan)