Speakers’ Bio


Dr. Daniel Bourdanné (IFES World)

As a leader of a global organisation, Daniel sees his role being to serve, listen and empower. He is a brother, a pastor and a catalyst. He commits energy to building bridges and maintaining unity across the diversity of the global IFES fellowship. He focuses on inspiring and connecting others and enabling the IFES vision to be shared and implemented.

Daniel’s motivation is students. He wants to see many more students becoming friends of Jesus and having their lives changed completely. He wants to see many more students having an impact for Christ on the university, the church and society.

Daniel’s travels and diary reflect his unique blend of priorities and responsibilities: fundraising trips, board meetings and travel to different regions and countries to connect with IFES movements and other mission organisations. When in his office in Oxford, he is just as likely to be working through how to excite movements around the new governance-training program launched in 2012, as taking time to telephone a General Secretary who is struggling, or discussing the global IFES budget.

Originally from Chad, Daniel is married to Halimatou (originally from Niger), and together they have four children.

Source: http://ifesworld.org/en/about/seniorleadershipteam




Mr. Goh Keat Peng (Malaysia)

Mr. Goh Keat Peng (and to some of us, Uncle Goh!) is no stranger to Malaysia. Having served in many different areas, from being a teacher to a staffworker, to heading the work of World Vision in East Timor! He currently is based in Malaysia and among his favourite hobbies is grandparenting. A biblical-based alternative thinker and doer that embraces scriptural counter-culture, he admires Nehemiah, John the Baptist and the Apostle Paul. Counsellor, mentor, trainer are also some of the hats that he is used to putting on. Atticus Finch, from the book ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ is his favourite character. Atticus defended a wronged Negro against the bigotry of his own White American community. He is a man of passion who not only teaches the Bible, but lives it out in his life!




Dr. Yonky Karman (Indonesia)

Yonky Karman, husband of Dr. Dewi Saraswati Gaduh, Obgyn, father of Adrian and Karina, graduated from South East Asia Bible Seminary, Malang-Indonesia (BTh), Driyarkara School of Philosophy, Jakarta-Indonesia (Drs), Calvin Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids-USA (ThM), Evangelische Theologische Faculteit, Leuven-Belgium (PhD), Old Testament lecturer at Jakarta Theological Seminary, Indonesia.




Bishop Hwa Yung (IFES World)

Hwa Yung is a Bishop Emeritus of the Methodist Church in Malaysia, and presently has a freelance ministry of preaching and teaching, both in Malaysia and internationally. He grew up in Penang, and has studied at the University of Tasmania (Australia), London University and Asbury Theological Seminary (USA). His wife, Dr Lee Bee Teik, trained as a doctor but now works as a writer and spiritual director. They have three children.

He began ministry as a pastor of the Methodist Church in Malaysia in 1981. Over the years he has been a lecturer and then Principal of the Malaysia Theological Seminary (STM). He has also served three years as the founding Director of the Centre for the Study of Christianity in Asia, Trinity Theological College, Singapore. From 2004-2012, he was the Bishop of the Methodist Church in Malaysia.

He has also been involved in various ministries outside Malaysia. These include being for many years a member of the Council of Trustees of the Oxford Centre for the Mission Studies. He has long been involved with the Lausanne movement, including being part of the Executive Leadership Team for Cape Town 2010 and a member of the International Lausanne Board. He is also the current Honorary President of IFES.

He has also authored various books, including ‘Mangoes or Bananas? The Quest for an Authentic Asian Christian Theology’, and published a substantial numbers of academic papers and articles in the fields of mission and Asian Christianity.




Ms. Annette Arulrajah (IFES East Asia)

Previously the General Secretary of FES Malaysia, Annette Arulrajah is now the IFES East Asia Associate Regional Secretary.  Annette leads a colourful life, having been in the student ministry (FES) for more than 20 years. After graduating from Universiti Sains Malaysia, Annette joined the student ministry because of the Lord’s intervening hand in her life at university. Her one obvious passion is students and being a catalyst in Bible Study. What keeps her sane is a good laugh for she believes that a merry heart is indeed good medicine. She is a friend to many staff and students from around the region.  



6) W02  –  EARTH: 39°C!

Prof. Cheng-Chien Liu (Taiwan)

Dr Cheng-Chien Liu obtained his bachelor´s degree in naval architecture engineering and master´s in applied mechanics in 1990 and 1992 from National Taiwan University. He won a scholarship from Ministry of Education to study abroad in 1995. He went to Imperial College, University of London, UK in 1996, and got his Ph.D. in Environment, Earth Sciences and Engineering in 2000. He later went to College of Marine Science, University of South Florida for his postdoctoral research. He received an NRC Research Associateship award and worked at NASA Stennis Space Center from 2001 to 2003. In 2003, he was hired to teach in the Department of Earth Sciences at NCKU as assistant professor and was promoted to associate professor in 2006, full professor in 2009, and later, distinguished professor in 2012.

Christians have hardly been at the forefront of wrestling with environmental issues. Issues like global warming and the direct threat posed by our irresponsible use of earth’s resources to everything from health to meteorology. What does it mean for us to take up the call again to be stewards of the environment? What are specific areas that need our careful attention at this time? What is it going to cost us to make a mark for Christ in this area? Focusing on this issue, Professor Liu has been collecting a lot of first-hand satellite remote sensing imagery and related multi-media materials of education. To responding to the call from God, he has given a total of 60 talks of popular science in the past six years, with the expectation to protect and cherish our one and only earth created by God.




Ms. Kunlatida ‘Paula’ Luangthep (Thailand)

Kunlatida Luangthep (also known as Paula) has 9 years campus ministry experience with TCS. She joined the TCS campus staff team right after graduating from university. During her fifth year with TCS, she decided to gain experience in the market place and so, worked in a construction company as a personnel staff before furthering her studies with a Master degree in Christian ministry at  Discipleship Training Center, Singapore.  Now back in TCS since after completing her Master degree, she sees her role in serving with TCS as a sister and friend of students.

*TCS is the IFES movement in Thailand




Fery & Hena Pasang (Cambodia)

Mr. Fery Pasang and Mrs. Hena Pasang are married and have three daughters together. They currently serve together with OMF International in Cambodian Student Ministry.

 Mr. Fery Pasang was previously a Perkantas staff worker from 2000-2007 before moving to Cambodia to do student ministry there. He has been the Student Ministry Team Leader and contact person of IFES Work in Cambodia since November 2008. Mrs. Hena Pasang, also a Perkantas staff worker from 2003-2007, is now Student Ministry Worker and Language Facilitator in Cambodia since April 2007.

*Perkantas is the IFES Movement in Indonesia




Mr. Fary Djemi Francis (Indonesia)

(Speaker’s Bio coming soon)




Mr. Shin Ung-Seop (IFES East Asia)

Shin studied History and Language in Seoul, South Korea, and Theology at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary in the US.

Shin has served as a member of the staff team of KIVF South Korea (starting in 1985), before becoming general secretary of the movement, and later being seconded by them in 2007 to work in Singapore with Gideon Yung (then Regional Secretary of East Asia) on the regional team. In February 2009 Shin was himself appointed Regional Secretary for East Asia.

Shin met his wife, Mi-Soon, during junior staff training with KIVF, both serving as staff with the movement. Since 2007 they have served IFES from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia (2009), and in February 2011 they returned to Seoul.

Source: http://ifesworld.org/en/about/seniorleadershipteam




Mr. Adrian Nugroho (Singapore)

Adrian Nugroho studied in Singapore and USA and graduated with a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in Chemical Engineering in 2008 and 2010, respectively. After graduation, he worked with Siemens Corporate Technology as a Research Engineer before joining FES Singapore as a staffworker. He is the second child with two siblings in his family, who resides in Jakarta, Indonesia. He was the chairperson of the Indonesian Christian Fellowship in his university, National University of Singapore (NUS), from 2006-2007. He worships at Reformed Evangelical Church (Singapore) and is part of the church’s Sunday School and music team. Adrian is soccer-mad, a movie buff, and an avid music (piano) lover. He is currently pursuing a part-time theological study with Biblical Graduate School of Theology (BGST), Singapore. 




Dr. Evelyn S. Biles (Malaysia)

Dr. Evelyn Biles has quietly added multiple layers to her life experiences enabling her to be a breakthrough leader in bringing mental health services across cultures. She was born and grew up in Beirut, Lebanon, the daughter of an Armenian father, originally from Turkey, and an American mother. As a physician and nurse team, her parents founded and operated a mission hospital and nursing school in Beirut. Even as a young child, Dr. Biles was a part of a diverse multicultural world. Her first years of schooling were in Arabic. Friends and employees of the hospital came from around the world and Dr. Biles was a part of this mosaic of ethnic groups.

She went to the United States to begin college at Vanderbilt University. She further has a B.S., B.A. in Organizational Management and Development, and earned two masters’ degrees in Organizational Leadership and Human Services Counseling from Regent University. She went on to complete a Doctor of Ministry degree with a concentration in Conflict Management through Trinity Theological Seminary.

Dr. Biles founded Global Mosaic International in 2001 as a vehicle to bring mental health education, counseling skills, and ministry leadership to areas of the world with limited or few resources to address identified needs for this knowledge base. In 2007, Dr. Biles developed a master’s degree pastoral counseling program at Alpha Omega International College in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and served as the Dean until Dec 31, 2012.

Global Mosaic Asia was recently established as an entity based in Kuala Lumpur from which individuals have led and been part of teams reaching 14 countries in South East Asia and Africa.

She met her husband Stephen Biles while a student and they were married in 1972. They had their first son in 1974 with another son born to them in 1979. The direction of their lives together over the following thirty years was to adopt and nurture seven special-needs children of varying backgrounds, abilities, and ethnic origins.




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Ms. Celgen F. Aurestila (Philippines)

Ms. Celgen F. Aurestila grew up in a very simple family life from a small town in Bohol, Philippines. She came to know the Lord personally when she was in college. She volunteered with IVCF’s high school ministry, and has been involved with different ministries in church and in campus since then. It was the IVCF ministry that helped her grow deeper in her relationship with the Lord and made her see her role in God’s work. It was in IVCF’s month-long training called Kawayan Camp that she discerned her role in God’s kingdom. After that camp, she volunteered as campus Bible Study leader while working as a teacher.  It eventually led her to full time staff work in 2002. She has had the privilege to serve Him through IVCF for 10 years now. She also had an opportunity to study in Discipleship Training Centre in Singapore for two years during her sabbatical years from 2009 to 2011. Presently, she is assigned as Regional Director in IVCF Northern Mindanao.

*IVCF (Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship) is the IFES movement in the Philippines




Ms. Yvonne Choo (Singapore)

Ms. Yvonne Choo describes herself this way: Loves to see new, lovely places but hates to take the plane. Loves studying the bible but hates public speaking. Loves to be blue but supports Liverpool Football Club. Spends most of her free time in front of a screen but hates watching TV. She has been a staffworker with FES Singapore since 1997.




Mr. Alex Nanlohy (Indonesia)

Mr. Alex Nanholy has been involved in student ministry since high school (1989). He was also involved in the student ministry in his campus as a small group leader and also as the leader of the student fellowship. His passion for students has led him to join the Perkantas staff team in 1998. Since 2009, he serves as General Secretary of Jakarta Region (Perkantas Jakarta).
Alex finished his studies in Communication Studies from University of Indonesia (S.Sos; 1997) and in Global Issues in Contemporary Mission from Redcliffe College, UK (MA; 2005). 

He is married to Debby, his colleague in Perkantas Jakarta, and they serve together in the staff team. He loves singing and reading.

*Perkantas is the IFES movement in Indonesia




Mr. Kiung Chin (South Korea)

Ki-ung Chin currently works in the department of media at Korean IVF. He has managed the official website of KIVF, called OnIVF.com, and has done work related to social networking service (SNS) since 2009.

He is 34 years old and has two sons. He met their mother, his wife, during their university days where they both started their activities as IVF members. They now reside in Seoul.

Before joining IVFMEDIA, Ki-ung Chin was involved in web-planning and site organizing in many projects at an ordinary IT company.

Although his interest is in the digital domain, Ki-ung Chin looks forward to coming face to face, building relationships, and ultimately worshipping God with everyone at IFES EARC 2014.

*Korean IVF, or KIVF, is the IFES movement in South Korea



18) W15  –  2G, 3G, 4G: LEAVE NO GAP

Ms. Charis Lai (Hong Kong)

Charis Lai Hoi Yin is a Gen Xer and hails from Hong Kong. After graduation from university, Charis felt called by God to serve as a youth worker in a church, providing pastoral care for youth students. Having the passion to serve more in depth, she completed her Master of Divinity at China Graduate School of Theology in Hong Kong, and later served as a youth pastor. She has a rich experience in working with multi-generations especially with adolescents and parents.

Right now, Charis is in the inter-college team of FES Hong Kong. She is thankful to the Lord for giving her the opportunity to work with university students and finds herself deeply moved by their amazing creativeness, open heart and devotion to God. Charis is currently also studying marriage and family counseling which provides her with systematic training in interpersonal skills and effective communication techniques. She also has great passion in teamwork and personal growth. She likes reading and traveling. She loves her family and she is the eldest daughter in her family.




Mr. Shiro Yajima (Japan)

Mr. Shiro Yajima became a Christian at the age of 20.  He graduated from Keio University with a B.A. in Economics.

He worked for the government for 7 years and then studied at Regent College, Canada in 2001-2002 because this college provided classes to study Spirituality and Market Place Ministry, which he is very much interested in.

He then worked at World Vision Japan from October 2002 to June 2006. Eventually, he became a KGK Staffworker in July 2006 and has served as a student ministry staff for 6 years.

*KGK is the IFES movement in Japan




Ms. Mizpah A. Villamor (Philippines)

Mizpah A. Villamor is from the Philippines. She has a Bachelor of Science in Commerce (Majoring in Management Accounting). She previously worked as a community development worker among the urban poor before joining IVCF. She has now been a staff worker with IVCF for 13 years. She has been married to Eumir Villamor for 10 years and they have three children. Mizpah is a licensed teacher and loves gardening, cooking and cross stitching.




Mr. Barry Cheung (Hong Kong)

Barry is the director of fellowship department at FES Hong Kong. He takes responsibility for the ministry development in students and graduates ministry as a whole. He studied theology in Hong Kong, the United States and Canada among evangelical, reformed and Catholic traditions, seeking ecumenical dialogue for enriching each tradition of its own.
In his participation in FES Hong Kong, Barry enjoys working with his teammates and seeking a clearer vision and deeper understanding of faith among students and graduates. He prays that FES becomes a hearing community of the gospel in which the community encounters God’s power and action, and respond to his grace in the face of the challenges produced by cultural, social and political changes.