ME: Malacca Tour

History-buff? Fancy traveling back in time to the glorious days of a bygone era?

Malacca – The Historical City is the place for you. Discover this UNESCO World Heritage Site, where Malay, Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch and English influences intersect. Among the highlights of this tour are:


Christ Church & St. Paul’s Church

Did you know that Maria Jane Dyer, wife of James Hudson Taylor, was born to missionary parents right here in Malacca? Explore the many churches that testify to the strong missionary presence in the old colonial days of Malacca.;


The Stadhuys

Pronounced ‘stat-house’. This legacy from the Dutch colonial era remains in Malacca. Believed to be the oldest Dutch building in the east.


Fort A Famosa

Step into an ancient Portuguese fortress.



Proclamation of Independence Memorial, Independence Park

The Proclamation of Independence Memorial is a must visit venue for those who wish to get an in-depth view on the events leading up to Malaysia’s Independence Day.




1. Maritime Museum (Entrance Fee: RM 6 for non-Malaysians, RM 3 for Malaysians. Fee NOT covered)

Come aboard the Portuguese galleon ‘Flor de la Mar’. This museum is actually housed in the life-size replica of the said galleon that sank in the Malacca Harbour in the 16th century. 

2. Malacca Sultanate Palace (Entrance Fee: RM2. Fee Not covered)

The Malacca Sultanate Palace is a replica of the structure that was built by the already extinct sultanate of Malacca. Today, the palace is home to the Cultural Museum which celebrates Malacca’s history and showcases more than 1300 items of Malacca’s past.



Jonker Street (Jalan Hang Jebat)

This is the street in town to hunt for souvenirs and antique goods. Check out some of the oldest houses in town. Imbibe the air of the ‘Peranakan’ (Baba & Nyonya) culture birthed from the mixed marriages between local Malays and the Chinese (from China).


Malaccan Cuisine (~RM 12-RM15 per pax for dinner)            

A variety of traditional Malacca cuisine, from the different cultures that make up Malacca awaits us!




Departure: 12 NOON (return by 9 pm)

PD – Malacca Travel Time (one way): approximately 1½ hours

Cost of Souvenirs: Souvenirs e.g. keychain, bookmarks are approximately RM3-5 per piece. Souvenirs like batik scarfs would be approximately RM15-25 per piece.

Duration: 9 hours

Meals: Packed Lunch, Dinner@Malaccan Cuisine Restaurant

Maximum Pax: 195 persons



*Subject to traffic conditions