Up Close with Mr. David Ho

The last of our interviews with key people is with Mr. David Ho. You’ve probably seen him on the IFES EARC 2014 facebook group responding to your questions. Besides being the Assistant General Secretary of FES Malaysia, he has been the Chairman of the Organizing Committee for IFES EARC 2014. Here, he shares briefly about his experience in working towards this conference for the last two years – his hopes, surprises and difficulties.



david ho1. You are a key person in organizing IFES EARC 2014 so we might see you a lot during the conference. When you’re not busy organizing IFES EARC 2014, what are some of the things you do at FES Malaysia?

I visit the Northern and Southern regions, coming alongside my colleagues in their ministry to the students in their regions. As a field staffworker, I visit 2 campuses in the Central Region regularly. I enjoy hanging out in these campuses and spending my time with the students.


2. You are the Chairman of the Organizing Committee for IFES EARC 2014. What is your experience organizing the conference? What’s the hardest thing?

To be honest, when I first accepted my role, I feel a heavy responsibility over my shoulder and it’s going to be for 2 years! I thought to myself, my blood pressure will increase and I’ll pull out all my hair (my habit when I’m stress). As I look back, the journey has been unexpected. I have 2 spiritual overseers who guided me along the way, highly effective secretary, calm treasurer, never-give-up registrar, creative publicity and snapshots team, lively program team, resourceful food and housing team, cheerful hospitality team, ready-to-do logistics team and eager logistics at large team. The posture of the sacrificial EPIC crew team has made this journey an enjoyable and precious experience. In the cause of my communication, key person of each movement has become my friends and I treasured the encouragement given to us. The hardest thing is to receive news of our families’ member who is not well in the midst of preparing the conference.


 3. What about the conference do you personally look forward to?

I’m looking forward to meet people I have communicated over the last one year, sharing a meal with delegates from different movements & listening to God, what is He saying to us in East Asia amidst our brokenness.


 4. What can we expect from IFES EARC 2014?

You will get a glimpse of Malaysian Hospitality, getting to know East Asia and Malaysia a little bit more. You can expect “reunion” of old friends & building lasting friendship across East Asia. As we come together, may we find the treasure of rediscovering our AWESOME GOD in the midst of all the chaos in our homeland. Would you come and be attentive to Him?

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