Things To Bring

UPDATED – 16/6/2014

Besides the necessary things to bring (e.g. sufficient clothes, toiletries, Bible, stationery), here is a list of things that you should bring:

1. Enough money. Please exchange currency at the airport when you arrive. Expenditure may include: book and t-shirt purchase, food and souvenir purchase during outing)

2. An offering will be collected during the conference Closing. You should set aside money for this.

3. Souvenirs from your country (to be given to your small group members. There are about 10 people in a small group including yourself)

4. Your local country snacks (to be shared among your small group members)

5. Traditional Costume for Closing

6. T-Shirt from your national movement


OPTIONAL (or just-in-case)

7. A jacket if you are scared of the cold. The weather in Port Dickson, Malaysia is hot and humid with occasional rain. But it may be cold inside the rooms and halls due to air-conditioners.

8. Swimming Attire (if you want to swim)

9. Torch Light

10. Umbrella (in case it rains during the conference)


If you have any other questions, do post it on the IFES EARC 2014 Facebook Group and we will respond as soon as we can.

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