How To Read Isaiah

Difficult to read the book of Isaiah? Too long and complicated? What’s the big picture? Here are some tips on how to read through Isaiah before the conference.

1. Use a Bible Study resource to help you grasp an overview of Isaiah. (find one at a local Christian bookstore if there is one near you). Some free materials are also available online. Here is one from InterVarsity Press –

2. Read Isaiah in sections to get the big idea of what each section is about. Give your own titles for each section. If you like to, give one main title to the book of Isaiah after you’ve completed your readings. (Section divisions of Isaiah can be found in most study Bibles. Or visit websites like for a breakdown of the sections.)

3. Listen to an audio reading of the book of Isaiah (this helped even our Bible expositor. Read the interview with him here). You may listen to audio readings for free here:


Other helpful things you can do before reading the book of Isaiah:

  1. Get to know the historical background of the book of Isaiah. Free online resources can be found here:


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