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East Asia is one of the fastest changing and fastest growing regions economically, socially and influentially. But the rapid growth and changes cannot hide the emerging cracks in this region. East Asia is cracking, broken because of the wave of disillusionment, the lure of compromise, all kinds of crises – leadership, generational gap, spiritual, economic, relational, emotional. This brokenness is knocking on our doors seeking our attention and our redress. Do we have our hands on the pulse of things?



But the hands of our awesome God are still holding up East Asia in its brokenness. He is in our midst (with us), healing the brokenness, disillusionment and crises. As in the time of the prophet Isaiah, God is still with us – Immanuel. He is still the same awesome God.



And a new Engaging, Passionate, Incarnational, Christ-like generation arising to be his agents to transform East Asia. A diversity of people represent an E.P.I.C. generation made up of the various people of East Asia coming together, rooted in the hands of our awesome God.