Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is EARC?
East Asia Regional Conference is organized by the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students, East Asia. It is a student conference meant to disciple and inspire university students across East Asia to live faithfully to the LORD in the East Asian context. It is also a great place for cross-cultural fellowship.


2. Who can go for EARC 2014?
If you are a tertiary level student and part of the IFES student movement in your country, and have a desire to live in an engaging, passionate, incarnational and Christ-like way in the East Asian context…we welcome you to EARC!


3. When is EARC 2014?
EARC 2014 is happening from 2-8 July 2014. Your arrival and departure dates may differ according to your own country delegation’s plans.


4. Where will EARC 2014 be held?
EARC 2014 will be held in Port Dickson, Malaysia.


5. Why go for EARC 2014?
It is a rare opportunity to come together as an East Asian student movement. Make friends from different countries. EARC happens once every three years. It is likely you will never have the chance again to attend EARC once you graduate.


6. How do I register for EARC 2014?
Registration will be done ONLY through your respective IFES national movements. Do contact the IFES national movement office of your country to register.


7. How much is the conference fees?
Please contact your respective IFES movement for this information. This is because, conference fees will vary from country to country.


8. What if I want to stay on after the conference to tour Malaysia?
Please make your own arrangements if you would like to stay on longer after the conference. Do let your country delegation leader know of your arrangements too. However, you may just meet people at the conference who may help you in various ways to plan your tour.


If you do not find answers to your questions about EARC 2014 here, please pose your question on our facebook group.

Please contact your respective IFES national movement for further information.